General Price Information,

When we give you a quote, it is a not to exceed. We will explain all of the costs involved and give you all of the options up front. Our final bill will itemize all of our labor and materials, and typically be less than the original estimate. We strive to be completely transparent throughout the process. "Your Plumbing, Done Right"

Affordable prices for plumbing work in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding areas!


Basic Plumbing(1-2 hrs typical)
$85.00 per hour
Clogged drain, Leaks, faucet, drain, toilet, valves, gaskets.

Basic installations (2-3 hrs typical)
$85.00 per hour
Install Ice makers, Dishwasher, RO systems, faucets, toilet.

Garbage Disposal Basic
Basic 1/2 HP Disposal, includes installation

Garbage Disposal Premium
Premium 3/4 hp, includes installation

Water Heater Basic
*Pricing based on estimate
Basic 6 yr warranty, includes installation

Water Heater Premium
*Pricing based on estimate
Premium 10yr warranty , includes installation


Basic Maintenance (1-2 hrs typical)
$85.00 per hour
Preventative maintenance drains, tankless descale, inspections

Basic installations (2-3 hrs typical)
$100 per hour.